Life. Love. Me.

I am your platonic friend, who will not debase herself to avoid awkward self-doubt.
If I choose you to be in my inner circle, you'll know it when I let you know it.
I view the world a little differently, I expect everyone else to do the same (as any sane person would).
What most don't expect, is that I see the world everyone else does as well (or should.)
I'm just a girl becoming a lady who's having herself a little adventure. I like to call it "Life."
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I just…


Domestic got herself a stylish new ‘do! (Lol I need to invest in a proper Magenta wig.)
Browsing outside #Longbeachcomiccon for a minute to see who’s around. :)


The little dude had himself a little adventure yesterday when he found his way out of his terrarium! He’s all smiley and energetic today, so I’m giving him some free time. :)
He’s just upset I won’t let him jump off the bed. :p

Gettin’ ready for some geeky fashion show goodness!! <3
#C4 #venturacomiccon2014 #geekfashionshow #geekgirls #geekchic #SexyLadies #datmermaidlife <3 (at C4 - Central Coast Comic Con)

•Get home at midnight.
•Spend two hours applying dye.
•Pass out with color in hair.
•Wake up four hours later.
•Wash out color.
•Look hella fabulous.